Puppy's First Groom


Pawsitive first experiences make all the difference

You want your puppy to grow up to be a well adjusted and mannered dog, and so do we. Too often puppies are exposed to the grooming process much later than they should be. During a puppy's development they go through two different fear periods. What seems okay to you may not be perceived the same way to your young impressionable puppy.

The Pet Spa has plenty of sights and sounds that are unfamiliar to a young puppy. Our trained Pet Stylists work with your dog to desensitize them to the grooming process. They gentle move their body around, handle their paws and face, and slowly introduce them to the tools and tables used in a typical grooming appointment - all the while reassuring your pup along the way with praise and treats.

This is why at Tailz we have developed our Puppy Grooming Program. It is flexible to the needs of individual puppies coat types and grooming needs. Puppies under 6 months of age are eligible to enroll. Simply bring them in during any time our Pet Stylists are in for their very first meeting - a soft introduction.


Pre-pay two $40 deposits ($80 total) while scheduling two appointments 4-weeks apart, and receive a COMPLIMENTARY brushing during your puppy's initial meeting with one of our talented team of Pet Stylists. 

Deposits will be applied towards each respective appointment in half. 


Long-Coated Pups: We recommend a Bath & Tidy for the first groom and followed by a Full Groom (haircut) for the next appointment. 

Shedding Breed Pups: We recommend booking two Pet Wash appointments. 

Combination Coated Pups: We recommend scheduling two Bath & Tidy appointments.


We want to make the experience a positive one for your young pup. That is why we recommend calling us in advance. By providing our Pet Stylists notice that an adorable new puppy is coming to visit them allows our Team to:

    1. Check their availability that day.
    2. Double-check that only puppy-friendly dogs are present.

Occasionally we may recommend a different day as we don't want to rush their experience in a new place with unusual sounds and unfamiliar people. We appreciate your understanding should this be the case.