Doggy Daycare


It's Tail Waggin' Enjoyment  


At Tailz, our daycare program is thoughtfully designed to create a unique experience for your pup. We are different than your typical doggy daycare, and that starts first with understanding dog behavior. This allows us to create an environment in which your pup gets appropriate exercise, enrichment, socialization, and rest.

🦴 Playroom Activities

🦴 Play Equipment

🦴 Mental Stimulation

🦴 Physical Exercise

Our daycare schedule includes a variety of training, games, and activities specifically chosen to enrich your pet’s life and ensure they have the best time possible!

  • All dogs looking to join us at Doggy Daycare are assessed during their Meet & Greet, and an ongoing basis for suitability in our daycare program. This behavioural assessment is to ensure initial suitability for our facility and pups. As we want all pups to be safe and enjoy their time in a structured daycare, not all pups are accepted into our daycare program.

  • Our day is very busy and active, therefore we have mandatory nap times for all of our daycare guests to ensure the dogs get adequate rest for their mental well being.

  • Our daycare program is not only about coming to play, we enrich the dog’s through physical exercise, mental stimulation, and the socialization.

  • Safety and comfort of the dogs in our care is important, so our playgroups are based on size and temperament, and always supervised by a qualified Team Member.


We run carefully-chosen play groups that will keep your dog happy and safe. Allowing dogs activity level to be paced throughout the day means that we are constantly engaging with, supervising, and adjusting their environment to ensure they are comfortable, happy, and enjoying themselves! 

Playing all day can be overstimulating and lead to crankiness and poor behaviour! We offer the option of purchasing extras during your pet's "downtime" such as stuffed Kongs for your pup's further enrichment and enjoyment.  


Be sure to check out our Puppy Programs!






We treat the animals in our care with respect. 
Our Team of Pet Care Professionals will provide the pups in our care the guidance they need using positive reinforcement techniques. We focus on providing a fun, rewarding, and enriching individualized experiences for each pup.


 Hours of Operation


Monday - Friday         6:30am - 6:30pm
Saturdays                 10:00am - 5:00pm
Closed Sundays and Holidays.




Full Day $40
Half Day (up to 4 hours) $25
Saturday $27


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12 Playdates $384
16 Playdates $496
20 Playdates $600
30-Day Advance Emailed Cancellation Notice Is Required. 
Monthly Play Packages expire 30 DAYS after the date of purchase.


  Priority Overnight Booking
  Wag More Rewards
VIP Bonus



Savings with the flexibility of a punch card! 
Advanced booking is required.
5 Playdates $190
10 Playdates $360
20 Playdates $660

Flex Packages expire 90 DAYS after the date of purchase.

Monthly Automatic Passes and Flex Packages purchases are non-refundable, not transferable and not eligible for in-store credit.


All pups must meet a standard to attend Doggy Daycare.


Puppies are encouraged to attend prior to being altered. This is their prime socialization window and getting proper exposure during this time can affect their interactions for the rest of their life. Our Puppy Program is a great fit for young pups to develop.

All pets must be spayed or neutered by 7 months of age. Exceptions may be conditionally granted with written medical reasons for delaying alteration up to 10 months of age. Our Management Team will speak with your pup's veterinarian should this be the case. 



Puppies are welcome to attend during the vaccination process. Your puppy needs the exposure to develop friends and reduce the chance of fearful perceptions.

Vaccination schedules are a bit different for different sized puppies. We ask that each pup have the distemper combo as well as the Bordetella vaccination for canine cough prevention to begin doggy daycare. ​

Required Vaccinations (6+ months): Rabies, Distemper Combo & Bordetella.  A complete set of vaccinations during your pups lifetime is still required prior to any exceptions granted.

Vaccination requirement exceptions require written medical reasons by your pup's Veterinarian and proof of titer tests every 6 months. Any approvals for exceptions are handled on a case-by-case basis and are not guaranteed. Management will review any request for exception before to their Meet & Greet, and will consult with veterinarians prior making any decision.  


We strongly recommend that your dog be on a monthly anti-parasite medication such a Revolution or Advantage. This will greatly help in reducing the risk of introducing fleas, ticks or lice to our facility and will protect your pup against them.

You can obtain these directly from your veterinarian, and they are often available over-the-counter.