Canine Skill Building


Taking a scientific approach to solving problem behaviours. 

When dog's behaviour is out of the "normal range", it requires extra guidance from skilled trainers who specialize in dog behaviour and owners who are devoted to the success of their companions. 

In these circumstances, it is crucial drop the stima and know it is okay to ask for help. Training your pup needs to be a lifestyle and a life-long commitment. Open yourself up to learn THE WHY your pup may be behaving this way which will allow you to understand THE HOW to help your pup in order to get results. 

During the Canine Skill Building process, we need to figure out your goals for your pup. Two different households can be looking for different results. Ultimately, we want you to be able to answer a few fundamental questions:

  1. How do I help them achieve my goal for them?
  2. How much time and effort am I willing to commit to their success? 

All these factors, affect the outcome. Canine Skill building is not just training – it’s a learning process for both you and your pup. Throughout the process, you will be systematically given tools to help your pup build the skills they need to improve their behaviour. 

Training happens through repetition. It is through Skill Building that learning occurs as a sensory experience. It's more holistic - one in which all your dog’s senses are activated in a rich and robust way. Skill Building will deepen your relationship with your dog. 

After your initial consult, our trainer will thoughtfully develop a plan for ongoing skill enhancements, structure and one-on-one support.

Some common Canine Skill Building include:

  • Leash Reactivity 
  • Reactivity (Other Dogs or Humans)
  • Barrier Frustration (ie. Fence Fighting)
  • Excessive Barking
  • Door Dashing
  • Resource Guarding
  • Fearfulness (Dogs or Humans)
  • Poor Leash Manners
  • Confidence Issues

 Fearful Dog


One-On-One Training Canine Skill Building
Initial Consult (30 Minutes) $79.99
One-hour Session $149.99
3 Session Bundle $409.99
6 Session Bundle $749.99
Services must be pre-paid prior to commencing. Canine Skill Building Sessions are to be scheduled in advance.
We require a minimum of 24-hour notice for rescheduling any Canine Skill Building session - not doing so will result in a $50 late cancellation fee or use of one session from the bundle.