Dog & Cat Grooming





It's a great day for your pet especially when you treat them to day of pampering at Tailz Pet Spa. Our Professional Pet Stylists are happy to help you determine the right length, style of grooming, and products for your pet based upon their coat type and condition, your lifestyle needs and the desired look you want.

Let's face it, our pet's can get smelly. Dirt and grime accumulates on pet's coats, leaving their skin less able to breathe properly and build up on their coat. With time it takes to do the job properly, it's time to call the experts at Tailz and get them spruced up by some of the best in the industry.

Our Professional Pet Stylist are what you are looking for. Not only do they handle your pet kindly and treat them to an amazing groom, they take the time to explain and recommend products for you so you can keep your pet in tip top shape.

It is reassuring knowing that when you drop off your pet at Tailz they are in good hands. On top of all that we offer our Head-To-Tailz Loyalty Program for our clients, making it easier and more affordable to keep your pet regularly looking and feeling great! 

Whether your pup needs a wash, a bath & tidy, a shave down, or a full breed-specific scissored groom look no further than Tailz. Our full service Pet Spa is a hop, skip and a jump away from our playrooms so your pup can enjoy a full day of romping with doggy friends and toys, and playing on play structures. Enjoying life with a pup has never been so enjoyable.


Friendly felines can also get treated to a lion cut at Tailz by select Pet Stylists. As one of our mandates is to minimize stress on the animals in our care, we ask that an owner or guardian accompany their feline friend for the grooming.* 

We book them as the first appointment of the day for the Pet Stylist to ensure as less dogs will be around or on specialized Feline Furball Days. This little things add up as to minimize stress on your cat and it is our goal to make the experience as good as possible. 

And if you happen to have a cat that needs grooming we also provide fabulous lion cuts for Edmonton's finest felines.

*We are only taking friendly cats at this time. Please call us at 780-988-0089 to book a cat grooming appointment. As per current Alberta Health social distancing regulations, we are unable to take cats that require additional handlers. Please contact your veterinarian for grooming services if you believe your cat will require more than one person to hold them. Unknown behaviour or potentially aggressive cats will be referred to their veterinarian for care. Thank you for your understanding.