Dog Training


Positive training methods for positive results. 

Humane handling and a positive approach are the foundation of our training philosophy. At Tailz, we believe in building relationships based on scientifically-backed training techniques.

Having a well-trained dog is very important for your dog’s safety and your own peace of mind. We provide a wide range of training options for both puppies and older dogs who need to brush up on their obedience. 

We teach you how to train your dog to make good choices that result in positive outcomes for your pup. The inherent nature of private lessons will help you build a stronger bond with your dog while we provide direct guidance and direction specific to your pup's needs. 

One of our Certified Trainers will work with you and your family to improve your dog’s manners. Lessons can be done in-person (on-site or in home) or virtual.  Your lessons will include working on basic manners and cues:

    • Sit, Stay, Down
      • Release Commands
        • "Come!" (Recall)

        We will also work on some general issues that are relevant to you and your dog’s needs:

          • Loose Leash Walking,
          • Greeting Dogs Politely
          • Crate Training
          • "Off!" (No jumping up)
          Distance and distractions will be added in along the way to help build upon the foundations. 



          One-on-One Lessons 

          On-Site Training

          In Home Training 

          One-hour Session  $79.99 $99.99
          3 Session Bundle $224.99 $269.99
          6 Session Bundle $419.99 $499.99