K9 Gentle Dental Clinic


Canine teeth cleaning is available at an affordable price!


We are a proud host of anesthesia-free dental cleaning clinics for canines by K9 Gentle Dental. Their skilled technicians will check your dog's teeth, then hand-scale and polish them to remove tartar build up. Give us a call at 780-988-0089 or email us at wags@tailz.ca to book!

Cost is $249+GST. A $30 deposit is due upon booking (to hold your spot) and will be applied towards your appointment.

Not sure if your dog is a candidate? K9 Gentle Dental offers deposit refunds if they cannot complete your dog's dental cleaning for any reason. They boasts a 99% success rate with dogs that are candidates. However, if there are loose teeth or other more serious dental problems they will refer your pet onwards to their vets for further examination.

Learn more at www.k9gentledental.ca


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