Our mission is to bring you the best in wholesome pet nutrition. What is put into our pet's bodies is  vitally important to their long term health and vitality. The food we select for our companions provides them with the nourishment they need for their minds and bodies to optimally function. One of the keys to good health include feeding a balanced diet made with high-quality, biologically available ingredients.

Tailz carries a wide selection of premium dog and cat food for all life stages for your pet. Whatever your budget, we can help find you a suitable and nutritious food. Food made with with quality meats, poultry, eggs, and fish complete with fruits and vegetables, whole grains or starches, and biologically available vitamins and minerals. All this ingredients that you would use to feed yourself are available in quality pet foods.


Nutrient-rich high-quality dry, wet, dehydrated, and raw foods are all conveniently available at Tailz. There is no need to compromise on your pet's nourishment anymore. We'll happily help you select a great food for your dog or cat to suit every budget. 



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