You adore your dog more than others know. Your dog is an important member of the family and you want to give them the best that life has to offer. Plus you genuinely lead a busy life. You work hard, have an active lifestyle and somewhere in between you find time to squeeze in time for some personal enjoyment. It’s all about striking the right balance between your obligations and having fun so you can enjoy life to it’s fullest. You need a place where your dog can exercise, be mentally stimulated, socialize with other dogs, all while be loved for being their weird, quirky, adorable self and cared for while you’re not there. A place where your dog can play for the day or stay for a couple of weeks. A place where they are happy, healthy and comfortable, and that you can also trust to care for your pets as you do.

Tailz is that place. Our Canine Activity Centre is the place to bring your dog. We provide a safe, positive and engaging play space for dogs of all sizes and ages. We offer a complete range of services which allows us to be your one stop pet care shop. Our trained staff is dedicated to providing both you and your canine companion with exceptional service. Our Team of Canine Recreation Specialist work to form bonds with our four-legged clientele making their comfort, safety and happiness a priority while they are in our care. And the peace of mind we provide for our two-legged clients ensures that they know their pet in a the best of hands. We are your dog’s home-away-from-home. We are grateful for the trust you place in us, your pet care provider. 


We treat the animals in our care with respect. 

Our Team shall provide guidance using positive reinforcement techniques and focus on providing a fun, rewarding and enriching experience for them based upon their individualized needs. 

Hours of Operation

Weekdays                               6:30am - 6:30pm

Saturdays                              10:00am - 5:00pm

Sundays & Holidays                                 Closed

Single Day Rates


Full Day....................................... $36.99

Half Day (4 hour)......................... $21.99

Saturdays.................................... $24.99

Playdate Packages


3 Days/Week  (12 Days)........... $369.99

4 Days/Week  (16 Days)........... $459.99

5 Days/Week  (20 Days)........... $539.99


Membership packages benefits:

  • Complimentary nail trim

  • 10% off Luxury Overnight Lodging


5 Day ..................................... $164.99

10 Day ................................... $319.99

20 Day ................................... $599.99


Book in advance for your pup's preset playdates.

      ie. Monday, Wednesday, and Fridays

Use all dates within a 4-weeks of purchasing.

30 Day cancellation notice required by email.



Provides the flexibility of a punchcard. 

Advanced booking is required. 

Expires 3 Months after the date of purchase.

Playdate Packages are non-refundable, not transferable and not eligible for in-store credit. 

See if your pup fits with our Tailz Pup Crew! 

Schedule your pup's


Step 1: Register Online

Step 2: Upload Proof of Up-to-Date Vaccinations

(Rabies, Distemper Combo & Bordetella)


Step 3: Schedule Your Pup's Meet & Greet!



Puppies are encouraged to attend prior to being altered. This is their prime socialization window and getting proper exposure during this time can effect their interactions for the rest of their life.  

All pets must be spayed or neutered by 

7 months of age. Exceptions may be given with written medical reasons for delayed alteration up to 9 months of age. Our Management will speak with your pup's veterinarian should this be the case.


Revolution or Advantage. We strongly recommend that your dog be on a monthly anti-parasite medication such a Revolution or Advantage. This will help in reducing the risk of fleas, ticks or lice.

You can obtain these from your veterinarian, often available over-the-counter. 


Puppies are welcome to attend during the vaccination process. Your puppy needs the exposure to develop friends and reduce the chance of fearful perceptions. 

Vaccination schedules are a bit different for different sized puppies. We ask that each pup have 2 rounds of distemper combo vaccinations (this enables them to safely go nose-to-nose with other dogs.) They will also need the bordetella vaccination for canine cough prevention. 

Required Vaccinations (6+ months):

Rabies, Distemper Combo & Bordetella

Exceptions for titer tests may be given with written medical reasons. One complete set of vaccinations during your pups lifetime is still required.


Management will discuss with your veterinarian in advance of your dog's Meet & Greet. Exception approvals are handled on a case-by-case basis. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Tailz need copies of vaccination records? Will my dog's rabies tag work? We respect the trust our clients have in us. We also understand that saying the vaccinations were done is not the same as knowing when the vaccinations were in fact administered and when they are due next. The details on a rabies tag do not provide us with enough information to count as proof. 


We use a computerized system to help us keep track of when they are due next. This gives our clients the peace of mind they deserve knowing all dogs are vaccinated according to their veterinarian's schedule. 


Will the vaccinations I did myself work? 

Yes, they can however we require the proof of purchase (the till receipt,) and the sticker from the vaccination vile. 

Without both parts we cannot accept the self-administered vaccine. We will also count the vaccine as valid for 1 year only from date of purchase.   

Can I get my dog's grooming done while they attend doggy daycare? Of course. Speak to our Client Care Team Member to see about availability. Walk-in requests such as nail trims and brushings can be squeezed in. Full groomings take more time and will need to be scheduled in advance. 

Do you have a littles area? Yes, we do! Little ones have an area fenced off and exclusively dedicated to them and boy do they love it! Play structures that are more suited to their smaller statures are available for them to play on.   


How are dogs grouped together? We separate dogs according to size and play style. 


Are the dogs free to roam? Think of us like a supervised off leash park. We do have crates, however they are mostly used to allow a dog a place to nap, or occassionally for a time out. 


What techniques do your Canine Play Specialists use when handling dogs? It is our mission to us scientifically-based techniques when handling the dogs. This means absolutely NO dominating, NO alpha-rolling, and NO Cesar Milan anything. These are all techniques that can and often do cause fear and negative associations for dogs. 


What is your philosophy on dog training and handling? At Tailz we believe in treating animals with the kindness and respect they deserve. It is our mandate to cause no undue harm or stress to an animal in our care. You may see us ask for your dog to have manners. Kindly offer our Team your patience while we work with your dog during its stay including at home time.  Fortunately, repetition works.     

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